The National Directory of College Athletics If you think you might want to continue your athletic career at the college level, but you are not sure how to go about it, you are at the right place. Collegiate Directories has developed a free brochure called the D.I.Y Recruiting Guide. It outlines some simple steps for you to get the recruiting process started. Click on the link at the right for a printable PDF of the brochure or click the 'Contact Us” link and we will mail you a copy of the brochure.

You will need to: 1) Evaluation of Talent, 2) Prepare Your List of Schools, 3) Prepare Your Recruiting Packet, 4) Know the Rules. The D.I.Y Recruiting Guide will explain how to fulfill each of these steps.

The National Directory of College Athletics, the number one college athletics reference, can be an invaluable resource throughout the process.

You don't have to buy the directory to get the free D.I.Y Recruiting Guide, but if you would like to use the same college directory used by college and pro coaches, click on the link below.

Good luck.

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