Q: How do I report an incorrect listing in your directory or database without a password?
A: We appreciate your help in keeping our database completely up-to-date. Any changes submitted to us without a password will be verified with the Athletic Department by phone AND fax for correct password. Please tell us the:


Q: I cannot log in to update.
A: You must turn your browser's cookies and javascript on.

Q: Can I submit changes via fax?
A: Yes. Fill out the update form, with visible password, and fax it to (440) 835.8835.

Q: Where do I enter my shipping and billing information?
A: To enter shipping and billing information, click the 'CHECKOUT' button at the bottom of the shopping cart.

Q: Can I have the books overnighted?
A: Yes. Please call 440-785-8623 M - F, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.